Patek Philippe 5811 no longer have steel models in the future

Patek Philippe 5811 no longer have steel models in the future

On October 18, The New York Times published an article interviewing Patek Philippe’s current CEO, Treston, who announced Patek Philippe 5811 no longer have steel models in the future. As we all know, the 5711 model is also full of legends. It was once Patek Philippe’s hottest Nautilus. It was born in 2006 until it was officially discontinued last year. Remember the news that Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 was discontinued last year? At that time, many watch lovers felt very sad. Until the beginning of this year, Patek Philippe’s official website completely removed the 5711. People thought that the brand would end this classic watch by hand.

Surprisingly, however, Patek Philippe recently updated the new Nautilus Ref. 5811/1G-001, continuing the overall design of the previous 5711, but with some fine-tuning in detail.


The size of the new model Ref. 5811/1G-001 watch has been increased from the original 40mm to 41mm. It is made of white gold. The dial has a blue sunburst pattern with a black gradient effect on the edge. The classic horizontal relief pattern is retained. Covered with fluorescent coating.

The case is water-resistant to 120 meters and features a two-piece construction that pays homage to the 1976 original. It is paired with a new gear mechanism fork system (patent pending) that allows the winding stem to be removed from the dial side. The 26-330 S C self-winding movement has a “stop second” effect, making the time adjustment more precise.


Here is the interview’s main point:

①5811 will not have steel models in the future.

The 5811 that came out this year is a platinum case, and many people are looking forward to Patek Philippe launching a steel model next year. But Treston made it clear to The New York Times that the steel version of the 5811 was not in Patek Philippe’s production plans.


②The upper limit of annual output is 66,000 pieces.

When asked why the 5811 steel model would not be produced, Tereston’s explanation was that Patek Philippe can only make a maximum of 66,000 watches a year. Although stainless steel models are easy to sell, he feels that too many steel models will damage the brand image and will increase the proportion of precious metal models in the future. Stainless steel models will mainly focus on entry-level sports models and grenades.

The New York Times gave a different explanation. They believe that Patek Philippe’s reduction in the production of steel models is to increase the unit price of watches. The retail price of the 5711A is $35,000, and the 5811G is $70,000, double the price.


③ Sampling will be conducted from the secondary market every year.

In an interview, Tereston expressed his distaste for watch speculation in recent years. According to him, Patek Philippe buys 200 random watches from the secondary market every year and traces their origins. If the corresponding dealer cannot give a satisfactory reason, its authorization will be canceled.

④The long queue time is mainly the problem of dealers.

Regarding the question that Nautilus needs to queue up, Tereston’s answer is that Patek Philippe’s annual output of Nautilus cannot satisfy every consumer who wants it. Moreover, the right to decide who it is given is not in his hands, but by the dealer. Treston also admitted that dealers would give more priority to returning watches to repeat customers.


The Australian watch media, Time+Tide, which once co-branded with Zenith, reprinted the article from The New York Times, and the end of the article also mentioned a historical reincarnation.

In 2004, when the model of the Nautilus was 3711, Patek Philippe launched the platinum version, 3711G. But this was a transitional model, only produced for 2 years and discontinued in 2006. That year, it happened to be the 30th anniversary of the Nautilus. Instead, it’s the 5711A.

This year is 2022 and the 5811G comes out. Four years later, in 2026, it happens to be the 50th anniversary of Nautilus.

Therefore, Time+Tide guesses that the 5811G, like the 3711G, is just a transitional model, and the big move of the Nautilus model will be in 2026, 4 years later.

We also have two small suggestions that are premature.


First, the length of 5711A is similar to that of 5811G. In the next 4 years, there is a high probability that Nautilus will not have steel models again, which is equivalent to a swan song. In the current overall sluggish market environment, it is hard to say whether the second-hand price can return to 1 million, but at least it will not fall sharply.

Second, if you have money and patience, you can consider starting to brush your consumption records next year and try to get a Nautilus 50th anniversary model in 2026.


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Patek Philippe 5811 no longer have steel models in the future

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