The World thinnest mechanical watch – RM UP-01 FERRARI

Richard Mille announced the launch of the RM UP-01 co-branded watch with the famous car brand Ferrari.

RM UP-01 FERRARI, the thickness of the entire watch is only 1.75 mm, which is currently the thinnest mechanical watch in the world. Limited to 150 pieces, the price is as high as 1,888,000 US dollars, or about 12.6 million yuan…

It broke the 1.8mm record held by Bulgari, the 1.8mm ultra-thin mechanical watch record just set by Bulgari OCTO a few months ago. The cooperation between Ferrari and Richard Mille will start in 2021. The two of them are currently the top brands in their respective segments. The cooperation between the two is definitely a powerful combination.


This is Richard Mille’s timepiece to celebrate a long-term partnership with Ferrari. In the pursuit of thinness, Richard Mille aims to meet the wearer’s daily needs, not It is a “concept table” that is not very useful.


The previous Bulgari 1.80mm and Piaget 2mm mechanical watches adopted the design of “using the case as the bottom plate of the movement” in order to reduce the thickness.

In this collaboration between Lali and Richard Mille, the movement is the movement and the case is the case, and the two are completely independent.


RM UP-01 FERRARI uses the Traditional Swiss lever escapement

The reason why it can be 0.05 mm thinner than the Bulgari Octo is because Richard Mille has a patented innovation in the escapement part this time.

Our common mechanical watches now basically use the Swiss lever escapement. In order to protect its smooth operation, there are two structures of “fork head nail” and “safety plate” (green arrows in the picture above), but these two structures are Vertical up and down, vertical space is required, and the thickness cannot be reduced.
Richard Mille improved this structure and designed a new escapement, dispersing the “fork head nail” and “safety plate” on the elongated escapement, changing the horizontal space for the vertical space. (There are no detailed photos at present, the official photos are blocked by the movement splint, and only an outline can be seen).

Just like the barrel effect, Richard Mille solved the biggest problem of ultra-thin watches before, and naturally it can be 0.05 mm thinner than Bulgari without using the “case movement substrate”.


Unlike other ultra-thin watches that usually choose the “movement-case-integrated” structure, this RM UP-01 Ferrari retains the traditional structure of assembling the movement inside the case, making the watch more resistant. impact capability. It is reported that its movement can withstand more than 5000g acceleration.

The challenge for an ultra-thin watch was to redesign the movement and case structure. Richard Mille and the Ferrari team went through dozens of watch prototypes and more than 6,000 hours of R&D and laboratory testing to create this ultra-thin watch. Thin timepiece.

Their approach is to spread the components that were originally vertically arranged on a wider plane, creating a perfect symbiosis between the movement and the case. The case size reaches 51mm x 39mm, and all functional components are tiled within this.


Looking closely at the dial, two flat crowns are located on the front, the function selector between the 10 and 11 o’clock positions, and the movement winding and time adjustment between the 7 and 8 o’clock positions. Two black ceramic inserts surround the crown, protecting the bezel from friction and ensuring water resistance.

The 12 o’clock position is the hour and minute dial, the red thick hand is the hour hand, and the minute gear is the minute hand. At 1 o’clock is the ultra-thin escapement balance. The laser-engraved Ferrari Prancing Horse pattern can also be seen in the lower right corner of the dial.


The use of grade 5 titanium alloy material makes the bottom plate and bridge plate have stronger performance, which provides a prerequisite for the efficient operation of the gear. The watch is equipped with the RM UP-01 manual winding movement, which provides a 45-hour power reserve, with a thickness of only 1.18mm and a weight of only 2.82g.

In fact, in order to minimize the thickness of the movement, the engineers developed a new escapement with a titanium oscillating weight. Titanium is also used for the case, because it is extremely lightweight while maintaining a high level of resistance.

The watch is limited to 150 pieces. Due to the extremely thin profile of the RM UP-01 Ferrari, all components of the watch are manufactured by Richard Mille’s movement department in order to meet strict machine-manufacturing tolerances down to 1 micron.


In general, as the joint work of Richard Mille and Ferrari, the RM UP-01 Ferrari is highly recognizable and at the same time reflects the exquisite craftsmanship of high-end watchmaking.

In order to highlight the positioning of this watch, there is another small detail that is unique this time, which is its model name.

Richard Mille’s watch numbers are very regular, according to the order of the watch project development, the first model is called RM001, the second model is called RM002, and so on. Maybe you will find that some models do not exist, and there are jump numbers, that is because the project is terminated, or is still being developed.

The previous model of cooperation with McLaren is also this model, the model is RM40-01. And this time, the joint name with Ferrari directly opened a “RM UP-01 Ferrari”

At present, foreign watch media have seen this RM UP-01 Ferrari in kind and shared the video. I have to say that it is really ugly and ugly. Of course, this is not important. What is important is “Richard Mille + Ferrari + the world’s thinnest mechanical watch + 12.6 million yuan price”

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