How to maintain leather watch strap in the hot summer?

How to maintain leather watch strap in the hot summer?

The leather strap has the advantages of good air permeability and comfortable wearing, and there are many varieties of leather colors to choose from. the custom leather watch straps are favored by watch manufacturers, watch players, and consumers because of elegant and fashionable. so it is very necessary to understand and master the basic properties of leather straps and common sense of daily maintenance to extend the service life of leather watch bands and protect your favorite watch. How to maintain leather watch strap? how to take care of leather watch strap? Let’s find out together.

Leather watch strap maintenance and wear precautions

1. Avoid getting wet. Like all other leather items, the leather strap is very terrible to touch the water. Soaking in water for a long time, soaking in sweat, or often in a humid environment will not only deform and harden the strap. , broken, and even moldy and smelly. Therefore, in hot summer, for those who work outdoors for a long time and those who like outdoor sports and physical exercise, it is best not to wear leather band, so as to avoid the leather strap being eroded by sweat for a long time. It is also absolutely forbidden to touch water for a long time, such as bathing, swimming, washing dishes, etc.
2. Avoid touch with chemicals, do not let the watch close to solvents, mercury, cosmetic sprays, cleaners, adhesives or paints, or camphor chemicals, otherwise these chemicals will discolor, deteriorate and discolor the watch case and strap. In addition to the damage, it will also affect the parts, make the surface oil solidify, lose the anti-rust and lubricating effects, etc., which will cause great damage to the watch.

how to maintain the watch strap
how to maintain the watch strap

Daily maintenance of leather straps

1. Once the leather strap gets damp, it should be wiped dry with absorbent paper in time, placed in a ventilated and dry place or under a desk lamp to dry, and then wiped gently with a soft cloth.
2. Every one or two months, the watch strap can be wiped with a small amount of leather protectant, available in supermarkets, which can remove the dirt on the watch strap and remove the cortex of the leather watch strap to protect.
3. The leather strap should not be worn all the time. If it is permitted, it is better to replace two or more watches, which can not only prolong the service life of the leather strap but also obtain different visual effects
4. When not wearing it, put it in a cool and ventilated place to avoid moisture on the leather strap.

how to maintain the watch strap

How to clean the leather strap?

1. When there is slight dust on the strap, just wipe it gently with a clean soft cloth dipped in a little water, and then place it in a ventilated place to dry naturally.

2. If the strap has been worn for a long time and the odor is heavy, you can quickly clean the dirty place with a soft brush dipped in soapy water, rinse it with clean water, dry it with a towel, and then air dry it naturally.

The above two cleaning methods must be implemented very quickly, within 10-20 seconds, to prevent moisture from penetrating into the strap. After each cleaning, you can wipe the surface with a leather cleaning, which not only maintains the texture of the watch strap but also improves the brightness and protects the epidermis

Note: The long-term exposure of the leather strap to moisture and sweat will aggravate the hardening of the leather strap, corrode the cortex, and cause the leather strap to discolor, deform, harden, or even break, causing the watch to fall. And how to maintain leather watch strap?  you should be diligent in the daily maintenance of the leather strap. Once the leather strap is found to be severely hardened, do not use it again. It is also necessary to replace the strap in time so that your watch can always maintain a beautiful and pleasant appearance, and it can also avoid unnecessary damage to the watch.

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