How to take care of leather watch straps?

How to take care of leather watch strap?

The watch strap often receives less attention than the movement, but it is in fact the most important part of “watch wear”. watch straps can be simply divided into steel and leather straps, of which the care of leather straps is important. This article will tell you how to take care of leather watch bands, so that your watch band can accompany you for a long time, after all, the watch band price is not low!

1 When the leather watch strap smells, with a toothbrush with a little soapy water, quickly brush the dirty place, and then wipe with a slightly damp cloth can be (Drwatchstrap include cleaning cloth for free for every customer). To avoid soapy water penetrating into the leather, the whole process should be completed within 20 seconds.

2 In addition, consumers can also apply some leather oil on the strap, leather oil on the strap protection effect, which can make the maintenance work more complete.

3 How to solve the problem of hardened straps.

  • Do not bend it when the strap is hardened, replacing the strap at the right time is absolutely necessary.
  • Consumers are recommended to wear the watch band only in winter, summer or after sports are easy to sweat, don’t recommend wearing it, if you really want to wear it, but also to dry the sweat and then put on, in order to extend the use of leather straps.
  • There are many materials of leather straps, generally divided into alligator, lizard, ostrich, shark and calfskin, etc. No matter which material is worn for a long time will produce a bad smell, so really clean and keeping dry is the only way to maintain the leather watch strap
  • If the strap is wet, it should be wiped dry with a cloth immediately, and if there is dust, it should be wiped off with a cloth (if the cloth is wet, it should be wiped dry after cleaning). In addition, if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will also cause the strap to deteriorate, which is also something that needs attention.
  • leather strap watch should not be worn all the time, if there are more than two watches can be replaced best. Leather needs to breathe, a ventilated environment can extend the service life of the strap, with different watches (straps), not only can reduce the risk of human damage, but also make the strap

4 How to prevent from smelling?

The first step in keeping a leather watch strap from smelling bad is to rest it. Leather watch straps need to breathe. If you don’t let it breathe, its pores can trap the odor. So, it would be best if you left it on your nightstand overnight.

Your wristband will be able to breathe and air out overnight. The strap will be able to dry completely before being worn again in this manner. It’s also another best idea to take off your wristwatch while showering. To get rid of dirt and stench that has accumulated on your strap, clean it.

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