Cartier Santos Quickswitch straps watchband

New Cartier Santos Large and Medium Size with New QuickSwitch Systems strap

While you look at this 2018 New Cartier Santos in detail, you’ll spot the changes. The 2018 Cartier Santos Large Size, with New Design and Quickswitch Strap/Bracelet Features

First, The watch case has been reshaped, with extra curves. The new Santos de Cartier quickswitch is now available in two different sizes, the first one, a medium size measuring 35.1 mm x 41.9 mm and the second one, a large model with a case measuring almost 40 mm wide —39.8 mm x 47.5 mm actual size. for example, on both side of the bezels, it feels just like the santos now has brancards. that is due to the new bezel, which is not perfectly squared anymore but formed to “contact” the bracelet. this bezel now follows the traces of the case, yet it sticks to the polished bezel with 8 screws. the case itself is likewise less competitive than before, with greater curved traces and the presence of a huge, polished chamfer on the aspect. this offers the watch a more fashion and delux experience.

Cartier Santos Quickswitch straps watchband

Allow me sum up the major highlights of the new for 2018 Santos de Cartier watches. First, the instances and bracelets are notably thinner and for a few humans, probably more at ease to wear (in comparison to the previous generation massive-case models, just like the santos a hundred huge). there’s additionally the new bezel layout which isn’t a massive detail, however it does provide a rather extraordinary search for the new models. the case contains an in-house automatic movement, and of path the largest news is the fast launch (“quickswitch”as cartier calls it) bracelet/strap gadget, as well as the tool-much less link converting system (“smartlink”) that helps you to modify the bracelet speedy, easily, and no tool needed (assuming you currently have fingernails).

My common impressions of the Cartier Santos large model are superb. some additionally say that the smaller version can also be worn as a gent’s watch, however I’m quite certain that in the west, the significant majority of 35.1mm extensive santos fashions can be offered to women. apart from the size, the primary difference between the bigger and smaller santos model is the location of a date window display (which exists on the larger model but no longer on the smaller version).

Also introduced was the Cartier Quick release system that allowed tool-less strap/watch band changes. The new santos bracelet which has each the quickswitch and smartlink structures. The stainless steel bracelet – which is admittedly quite good and is perfectly integrated into the overall design- also comes with a clever system. In order to adjust the length of the bracelet, Cartier has developed the SmartLinks. By depressing a small oval push-piece on the underside of the links, the bar is released without the need of a screwdriver. Push, release, remove the extra link, insert it again and voilà. We tested it for a few minutes and the function is simple, ingenious and well executed.

To change the strap in the shortest amount of time possible (and in the comfort of your own home), Cartier has fitted a quick release button on both the straps and bracelet, meaning that no tool is required to switch. Cartier was even kind enough to supply an additional brown calf leather watch band with the purchase of any model sold on a bracelet as standard. Seeing as the lug connections are exclusive to Cartier, it made sense to do so. of course, you could likely buy extra straps from cartier, Cartier will rate you a cartier-size fee for his or her straps, they’re also of a very decent quality. But you can not purchase Cartier watch strap replacement online, you have to bring your watch and go to Cartier boutique to personalize your watch strap.  If you would like to buy aftermarket Cartier Santos quickswtich straps online, you can check

Bellow are the handmade aftermarket quickswitch straps for New Cartier Santos

Cartier Santos Large 40mm red leather quick released hard to find

Red calfskin leather strap with quickswitch system

Santos de Cartier Quick Switch watch band black red brown
Handmade OEM New Cartier Santos Quickswitch leather strap replacement for sale
Cartier Santos Quick Switch watch band black red brown leather
Cartier quick release watch strap waterproof bottom
Cartier santos brown leather bracelet genuine calf leather
Cartier Santos brown leather watch band replacement buy online
Cartier santos brown leather bracelet genuine calf leather
Top material: First Layer Premium full grain Calf leather
Bottom material: Black calfskin
Compitable for: New Cartier Santos >2018
Color: Black / Brown / Dark Brown / Blue / Red / Green
Quickswitch system – Easy to fit
Buckle Need: Fit Cartier deployment Buckle (NO Clasp included)
Watch EndBuckle EndThicknessStrap Length
21mm (For 40mm Large)18mm1.3-3.5mm115/115mm
19mm (For 35mm Medium)16mm1.3-3.5mm110/110mm

High-end American Alligator Skin red leather strap with quickswitch system

Cartier Santos new 2020 2021 single-folded deployment buckle cusotm leather strap
Top material: Grade A Premium American Alligator skin belly-scale red leather
Bottom material: Black calfskin
Compitable for: New Cartier Santos quickswitch system watch
Color: More than 20 colors – Can be personalized
Quick Release system – No tool or spring bars needed – Quick install
Buckle Need: Fit Cartier double folded deployment Buckle (NO Clasp included)
Customer’s Cartier Santos watches with our custom watchbands.
Cartier Santos 100 pink leather watch strap for sale
Cartier Santos red leather strap buy replacment handmade from Drwatchstrap

Video show you how to replace Cartier Santos quickswitch stainless steel watch band to leather strap

Overall the new 2018 Santos de Cartier Quickswitch is pretty an achievement. it feels excellent, looks fashionable and comes with new ideas, inclusive of the interchangeable strap/bracelet and the quick release system for the steel bracelet. The price is equally interesting, at EUR 6,600 for this large version in steel (prices start at EUR 6,000 for the medium size in steel).

Check this post for the buckle difference between the Cartier Santos 2021 2020 and Cartier Santos 2018 2019

Your new Cartier Santos watch band lug size should be

  • 19mm lug size for the Cartier Santos Medium 35mm watch (Aftermarket straps available from DRWATCHSTRAP)
  • 20mm lug size for the Cartier Santos Large 36mm watch (Aftermarket straps available from DRWATCHSTRAP)
  • 23mm lug size for the Cartier Santos Chronograph XL watch  (this size is NOT available for aftermarket straps)

Aftermarket Cartier Santos strap

  • Guarantee fit the original
  • Guarantee genuine leather
  • Guarantee delivery
  • Guarantee handmade

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the OEM leather straps for Cartier, Drwatchstrap handmade & custom leather watch bands for Cartier Santos, Roadster, Tank, Rondo, Ballon Bleu, Calibre, and other brand watches.  Leather material, leather color, stitching color, oil edge, lug size, and length all can be personalized.

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