Rolex vs Omega | Is Omega better than Rolex?

Is Omega better than Rolex?  Should I buy Rolex or Omega?

Rolex vs OMEGA are the two most popular brands in the mid-price premium segment, and they have many similarities in terms of product quality, design and even price level. The distance between Rolex and Omega has been slightly widened.

However, since Rolex watches are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, many people in the market have begun to turn to Omega watches, which are also in excellent condition. As a matter of fact, these two brands have their own characteristics and personalities, so if watch lovers can’t buy a Rolex Submariner, they can consider Omega’s Seamaster, and both models have fans, so there is no question of who is better or who is worth buying. But I wonder if you have found in recent years, these two brands seem to have a little more similar trend in some of their models?

Recently, Two sets of pictures Rolex vs Omega were recently shared on Instagram, in which Rolex’s Submariner, Oyster Perpetual, Daytona and Deepsea were listed respectively, compared with Omega’s Speedmaster, Seamaster and Aqua Terra and other familiar and popular series, giving a feeling of two brands looking in the mirror.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual vs Omega Aqua Terra

The first very obvious comparison photo, that is, Omega 2022 published the colorful dial Aqua Terra 38, which makes people directly think of Rolex Oyster Perpetual, after all, the first two years of Oyster Perpetual colorful dial was very striking, plus the series itself in addition to colorful dial, there are also other colorful dial models using the sunburst process, but because of the color Omega may have seen such a colorful business opportunity, so the foundation of its Seamaster Aqua Terra published a variety of up to five colors and with sunburst three-hand date table, Rolex vs Omega have similar functions and similar pricing, and the latter has taken advantage of the fact that by adding colored dial elements, some people who don’t want to wait or don’t want to buy an Oyster Perpetual with overpricing can buy an Aqua Terra with a similar budget.

Omega Aqua Terra vs Rolex Oyster Perpetual orange colorful dial
Omega Aqua Terra vs Rolex Oyster Perpetual blue colorful dial
Omega Aqua Terra vs Rolex Oyster Perpetual gray colorful dial
Omega Aqua Terra vs Rolex Oyster Perpetual yellow colorful dial
Omega Aqua Terra vs Rolex Oyster Perpetual green colorful dial

Another picture listed Rolex’s popular models include Deepsea D-Blue, Golden Daytona, Hulk Submariner, Daytona  (116518LN) and so on, almost all of them are hot and high premium models, originally under OMEGA is able to find a similar selection, but this selection in 2022 has released all of a sudden, because OMEGA has launched one after another The Planet Ocean Ultra Deep, the Moonshine™ Gold Speedmaster Moonwatch Green and Gold, and the Seamaster Diver 300m Green, of which, except for the Planet Ocean Ultra Deep, which is a new model, The others are all modification of existing OMEGA models, like the moons watch that corresponds to the Daytona and the Seamaster diving 300 meters that correspond to the Submariner.

Speedmaster vs Daytona

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch vs Rolex Daytona

Left: Rolex Daytona M116518ln-0048
Right: Omega Speedmaster 31062425099001

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch vs Rolex Daytona Gold Green

Left: Rolex Daytona M116508-0013
Right: Omega Speedmaster 31060425010001

Sseamaster vs Submariner

Rolex Green Submariner vs Omega Seamaster 300

Left: Rolex Hulk Submariner 116610LV
Right: Omega Seamaster 21030422010001

Rolex Deepsea vs Omega Seamaster Ultra Deep

Rolex Deepsea Sea Dweller vs Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep

Left: Rolex Deepsea 126660-0002
Right: Omega Seamaster 21530462103001

Which is better Rolex or Omega?

Of course, OMEGA is not completely an exact imitation, including the performance of the watch (such as the Planet Ocean Ultra Deep water resistance to 6,000 meters), the material (OMEGA exclusive alloy) and color (green is dark olive green) are all slightly different from those Rolex watches, but if you just look at the past, it really makes a person feel confused between Rolex vs Omega. Sometimes I really don’t know if the brand is intentional or purely coincidental, but now there is an advantage that if you want to find an alternative to the above Rolex models, it will be much easier and faster to pick directly from these OMEGA models,  in fact, the works of the two brands still have their own design origins and characteristics. Therefore, instead of arguing whether there is a deliberate intention to manipulate, we should be happy to see the benefits of having more choices.

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